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   You are the story you tell about yourself...

Storytelling isn’t just for fiction writers. We’re always pitching ourselves and if you don’t have this basic skill no one will know how wonderful or skilled you are or how you’re just the person they’re looking for. 



everyone's going to Cokesville

  So much discussion is swirling around now about the format of books that being lost in the discussion is the idea that authors are the precious resource, NOT the delivery system for the work.  Let the others duke it out, you--uncommonly intelligent reader-- will continue to demand great, uncommonly entertaining writing.  Here it is.  In all kinds of forms, including audio soon!


Something funny happened  on the way to becoming a famous writer...I discovered that there are lots of original voices out there that need to be heard. These are the voices of writers who perhaps DON'T want to be famous.  They only want to tell their story. 

Bathsheba Monk

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 You're not an average reader.

I'm not your average writer.

The great thing about great writing is that it can frame the conversation.  About politics.  About love.  About life, of course!  You read fiction for fun and entertainment, sure.  But you also read fiction to learn how to tell your own story.  That's what great writers are great at--telling YOUR story. You know when you read a story like that because it socks you in the gut and knocks some sense into you.  I promise the books I write and the books I edit will do that for you.