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Boston divorce lawyer Swanson Herbinko should know better than to fall in love again after her first two loves ended tragically, but when the sun is hot and the water is turquoise blue and there’s irresistible magic in the air—in other words if she’s at a sea splashed yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico—she can’t help it if she finds herself with not one love interest but two: nice guy Mark Stevens, a fellow yoga practitioner, and the charismatic yoga entrepreneur Hunter Hanna. 
Swanson falls under Hunter’s sway at his hot yoga studio, Savas Hanna, in Boston where she also meets Christine who claims to be first among Hunter’s lovers and enlists Swanson to help Hunter get a divorce from his business partner spouse Layla so he can marry her.
Swanson and her PI associate Dick are 2 of 9 new arrivals at the Savas Hanna Tulum retreat. While visiting the famous Mayan ruins there one of the group falls off a cliff to the sea below.  And then there are 8. Dick discovers that one of Hunter’s inner circle is a notorious Mayan drug lord, and the retreat far from being karmically pure is a money laundering front. 
​ Jealousy swirls around Swanson as Hunter showers her with attention, and as the spell she’s been under finally shatters Swanson finds herself dangerously close to finding out firsthand what happened on that Mayan cliff. 
Then suddenly the unthinkable occurs.  Devil Dog, her trusty dachshund guardian, is dog-napped.

Boston society divorce lawyer Swanson Herbinko has never been out of Massachusetts, but when she meets Guy de Guy, a Frenchman with sandy blond hair and an adorable soul patch living in Boston’s Back Bay, she runs—not walks!—in her five inch Jimmy Choos to get her passport.

Guy woos Swanson with food and she falls hard, but when she goes to France to help Dick untangle the murder of Michel Meriodoc the head of the French Farmer’s Association and chief proponent of gastronomie terroir she finds herself in the middle of an international food fight between Meriodoc’s organization and the sellers of GMO food.  Quelle horror!

Swanson and her dachshund Devil Dog dive into the thick bouillabaisse of French food, getting arrested in a Parisian demonstration, getting in a brawl in a French women’s prison and almost dying in the chateau’s maze which was built to imprison people. The only question that remains is whether Swanson will wind up just like Meriodoc... DEAD.

Boston society divorce lawyer Swanson Herbinko knows better than to mix business with pleasure, but what if this particular pleasure is Hidalgo, a man who knows his way about her BMW as well as he knows his way around her body? And what if the business is finding out who murdered Carlton Stubbs, a Trump-like developer whose wife, Matilda, Swanson is representing in their pending divorce?

Dozens of people would love to see Carlton dead including his nurse—Hidalgo’s sister Ines—and especially his nearest and dearest relatives all of whom are tapped out financially: art forger son Tucker and his dominatrix girlfriend Ulrike; daughter Sarah and her 6 foot tall army drill sergeant girlfriend LePage; not to mention his twin brother Stone who controlled Carlton’s inheritance for years and now is forced to give it up…until it mysteriously vanishes.

Swanson dives into the stormy waters of Beacon Hill society—becoming a target herself as her sources turn up dead—to solve the murder with the help of her fierce dachshund Devil Dog. The only question that remains is whether Swanson will wind up just like her sources… DEAD.

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