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Dead karma

Set in Mexico, the story unwinds alluring mysteries that bring out Swanson's psychological depths in striking ways. It's a page turner par excellence. The plot and setting are masterfully designed; and the roster of secondary characters are alternately familiar and exotic, friendly and sinister. A few of these characters appear in the earlier books, and they too gain new dimensions. The new people are colorful, threatening, seductive. All are drawn with precision and a persuasiveness that never lets you forget you're in their world. It's another must-read from the talented and entertaining Bathsheba Monk.

Bridget from Andalucia

Set in Tulum, on a yoga retreat!  Yes, Devil Dog tags along...luckily!

Dead silence

Smart, sexy, fun.  A fun read. Reminds me a little of Sue Grafton (A is for Alibi). except that Swanson is smarter and more educated. I like reading about smart women who retain every bit of their feminitity. A great mystery, funny, sexy, would be a great beach read -- but why wait till summer to read it? Life is short so enjoy it now!.

Carol Ellis

Set in France.  If you're thinking about GMOs, food, and love you'll love this book.  Featuring Devil Dog, Swanson's fearless dachshund, as well as Edith Piaf and Chocolat, two standard poodles who live in the chateau.

Now You See It...Stories from Cokesville, PA

...a sublime and deadpan debut that cocks an eyebrow and reminds us that it is never a light thing, this leaving home, though we all must try.


nude walker

"Precision-Choreographed subversion of American myths" 

​--The New York Times Sunday Book Review

"Romeo and Juliet in the Rust Belt"

 --The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Pitch-perfect portrayal of class warfare in small-town U.S.A."

--More Magazine

Dead wrong

Loaded with quirky characters, and more plot twists than a roller coaster. But best of all, if this wasn't enough, are those sentences that I savored for their humor and unexpected punch. Swanson Herbinko is engagingly human as she teeters from one adventure to the next on some very nice shoes that I wish I had.

J Gill

Set in Boston.  Featuring Devil Dog, Swanson's fearless dachshund!


Writer, speaker, publisher

Bathsheba Monk